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40*60 cm Printing Size UV Flatbed Printer
FD4060 UV printer is quite suitable for small-tiny letters printing. For sharp detailing and small text rendering, FD4060 UV PRINTER prints at a resolution up to 1440 dpi , and as fine as 3.5pl. The printer head itself is consisted of 8 channels of 180 no
90*120 cm Printing Size UV Printing Machine
Using Ricoh Head, model is Gen5. The maximum print thickness is 100mm, suitable for printing on glass, acrylic, wood, ceramic tile, metal plate, PVC plate, corrugated board, plastic and other materials.
UV LED Printer with Printer Head Epson DX5
Using the EPSON DX5 print head, This UV Printer is ideal for professionals who want to print a high volume production onto almost any material in high resolution. UV printing uses an ultra violet light which almost instantly cures the UV ink, eliminating
160*100 cm Printing Size UV Inkjet Printer
1600mmx1000mm UV-flatbed printer is an outstanding printing device that has a 1200dpi printing resolution output: 1. High-precision: High-precision output with a maximum resolution of 1200dpi and a variable drop size (minimum: 7pl).
90*60 cm Printing Size Desktop UV Printer
Using the EPSON DX5 printhead, the FD6090 printer benefit from the variable dot printing technology. This DX5 printer head is quite suitable for small-tiny letters. For sharp detailing and small text rendering, FD6090 prints at a resolution up to 1440 dpi
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